JESUS CHRIST - He is at the center of our school and at the core of our curriculum.

FAMILY - We have so much more than a student body. We have a school family. Parents and teachers work collaboratively toward these common goals for our children: to acquire faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, to achieve academic excellence, and to develop character for a lifetime of success.

CULTURE - A recent visitor to our school questioned why we don’t have locks on our student lockers. We don’t need them! While we recognize our own imperfection, we encourage a culture of trust - an environment that is safe from physical and emotional harm and nurtured by a common love for the Lord.

ACADEMICS - The quality of our education is recognized, and we have a proven track record of preparing students for higher education at leading colleges and universities across the country. Through our Advanced Placement and Dual Credit program offerings students can earn college credits while attending high school, and our students typically score well above the state and national college entrance exam scores.

STUDENT LIFE - New Braunfels Christian Academy requires student involvement to enrich the academic experience. We place no limits on involvement; rather, we encourage students to play sports, participate in the arts, join clubs, and more. Excelling in academics is important, but so is a rich student life with peers that share Christian values.

ATHLETICS - Our sports programs build character, body, spirit, and mind while demonstrating a godly attitude and sportsmanship. We offer physical education at all levels and individual or team competitive sports programs for boys and girls in both the middle and high schools.

FINE ARTS - A fine arts program enhances the academic experience, nurturing creativity and confidence. Our choir, band, and drama programs practice and perform throughout the year.

LEADERSHIP - In a world that at times seems confused between right versus wrong and truth versus deceit, we are dedicated to teaching leadership skills to equip today’s young people to become tomorrow’s leaders.

COMMUNITY - Our students work together and with others to make our community a better place to live, work, and worship. Throughout the year, enrich their education by participating in service projects throughout the community.