einstein center

Einstein Center FAQ

-My child is struggling in class. How do I get the process started with The Einstein Center?

Contact The Einstein Center director to begin the process. Parents and/or teachers complete a referral form and the student will be observed in the classroom. A referral for academic testing will be made. Test results are shared with The Einstein Center and a formal report and recommendation will be made based on those results during a conference.

-Does my child have to attend NBCA to receive services from The Einstein Center?

The Einstein Center is open to students both inside and outside of the NBCA student population. Initial testing is required for admission to determine which Einstein Center program is the best fit for the student’s learning needs. Contact The Einstein Center director to begin the process.

-What kind of testing is required for admission into The Einstein Center?

The Einstein Center uses testing from a qualified educational psychologist. The two main tests performed are an intelligence test and an achievement test(WISC-V and WJ-ACH). NBCA does not perform these initial tests but will recommend testing services.

-If my child was tested in the public school, could that testing be used by The Einstein Center?

If your child was tested in public school, those tests could be used by The Einstein Center. The test would need to be current, within the last two years, and contain both an intelligence test and an achievement test.

-What kinds of changes should I be seeing in my child’s academic performance once they begin working with The Einstein Center?

You may not see changes to your child’s academic performance immediately. Because of their placement in The Einstein Center, they will have accommodations and/or modifications put in place to help support them in the classroom. Your child will begin to apply new learning strategies in the classroom. Their grades will not always reflect the hard work they are putting in. More importantly than all A’s and B’s, we look for determination, academic progress, and willingness to work hard. Those characteristics are essential to meet the goal of becoming an independent learner.

-How soon will I see changes in my child’s academic performance?

Each child responds differently to the educational therapy they receive. Many different factors play into it, such as participation, areas of deficit, cooperation during the therapy session, and parental follow up. Changes in academic performance can be slow in coming as the students are experiencing challenging work during their therapy sessions. They will begin to apply what they are learning in sessions to their classwork. In The Einstein Center, our ultimate goal is to see the students emerge as independent learners who have taken ownership over their academic achievement.


-As a parent, how can I support my child through their time in Einstein?

It is very important for you to be both cheerleader and mentor for your child while they work through their time in educational therapy. As students receive help for their areas of challenge, they will often hit a wall. Support and cheer your child on during these times. If they persevere, they will overcome the plateau and continue to make upward progress.

Mentor your child by helping them organizationally with their schoolwork. Even if they are in the upper grades, they need help making sure their homework gets done and turned in. Feel free to help them clean out and organize their backpacks. Be involved in their homework, checking over it and reteaching if necessary.

-What if my child is reluctant to receive the help they need?

Sadly, students can feel a stigma attached to getting the help they need. In The Einstein Center, we are very sensitive to that and attempt to be cheerleaders and supporters of our students. At the secondary level, we are aware of the students need for anonymity and schedule their sessions during study hall periods. Unless the older students “buy in” the program, therapy may not be for them.

-Is there a plan to help my child transition from accommodations and modifications in The Einstein Center?

The Einstein Center has a well thought out plan to help your child receive supports but also move toward independence.

-What should I expect when my child transitions out of The Einstein Center?

What an exciting time it will be when your child moves on from The Einstein Center as an independent learner! It can be a bit unsettling for them to move forward without assistance, but they are ready for that step. You should expect to see a possible drop in grades once they are working totally independently. As they apply all the things they have learned in Einstein, we expect to see them continue to grow and improve. Help your child celebrate their successes as they step out in total independence.