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The Einstein Center Spring 2021 Newsletter

How to help when students think too highly of or too little of their abilities                  

  “I’ve got this. I understand. I don’t need any more help.” Have you heard this around your dinner table during homework time?

Or maybe you hear something like, “I’ll never get this. I’m going to fail this test.”

Students with learning differences often underestimate or overestimate their abilities. How can you help your child when they have a poor perspective of what they can do? Come alongside your child and encourage them with their strengths. Look for personal strengths, like perseverance and thoughtfulness, not just school related strengths. It is important for them to realize that their worth is found in Christ not their ability to perform in school.

If your child overestimates his abilities, they will often reject help when it is offered or could be deflecting how they really feel about themselves. Challenge your child to slow down and show diligence in their work. Ask them to explain their thought process to you. This will enable you to find errors as they work instead of just with the finished product.

Spring Assessments and Progress Conferences

During April, the Einstein Center will begin assessing your child’s progress and formulating goals for the coming year. Your child’s therapist will be in contact with you to set up a Progress Conference in May and will share their recommendations for the coming year.

Terra Nova Accommodations

The last week of April will be Terra Nova week for elementary and middle school students. Your child will receive accommodations for their test with either extended time or oral administration in a smaller setting.

Personal Stories

Personal stories of people with learning differences can be a real inspiration. The following article includes stories from 30 different adults relating their experiences. Some are famous, but many are not.

Do you have a personal success story to share? The Einstein Center would love to add a section to our website with your success stories. Imagine the encouragement your words could be to a family that is just beginning this journey with their child.

The Einstein Center Winter 2020 Newsletter

Productive Struggle-What is it?

Have you heard people talking about productive struggle? For parents of students who have learning differences, we see struggle every night during homework time or while studying for a test. The natural inclination is to step in and make things easier for your child. It is hard as a parent to see our children struggle.

Productive struggle is different from frustration; it is grappling with a difficult task with support until a conclusion is reached. The act of struggling through a new or challenging math problem can create new pathways in the brain, provide stamina to stick with something difficult, and provide confidence for the next difficult task.

Jo Boaler, professor at Stanford University says, “Neuroscience and educational research shows that times of struggle are some of the most productive times for brains, and they should be celebrated. If students face struggle and think that it is a time of challenge and brain growth, rather than assuming they are failures and not “math people” — not “science people” or “history people” or simply incapable of any subject — their paths to learning will change.

Fun Games that also Help Your Brain

Playing games as a family may be a lost art, but there are many great benefits for the brain not to mention… it’s just fun! These are a list of games to consider during this holiday season.  Many are available through Amazon or local retailers. If you order through Amazon consider using the link and select New Braunfels Christian Academy Inc.

Working Memory Games                                  

Distraction, Clumsy Thief, Chess, Zeus on the Loose, Any Memory game                               

Auditory Processing Games

Simon, Twister, Battleship, Guess Who?, Bingo

Strategy and Flexible Thinking Games

Blink, Jenga, Clue, Pictionary, Chess, Scattergories, Sudoku, Qwirkle, Battleship, Ticket to Ride

Visual Processing Games

Blink, Tenzi, Qbitz, Spot It, Blokus, Set


For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

Article Links 

We would like to share some articles that may have helpful hints or may include the latest in brain research. 

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