At New Braunfels Christian Academy, we believe that the arts are an essential element of a well-rounded education and regard creativity as a core value. We appreciate and provide a powerfully creative fine arts program, giving students an avenue of creative expression and involvement.

Fine arts are comprised of visual and performing arts and our talented instructors assist student development in visual arts, vocal, instrumental and dramatic performances. We give each student the opportunity to fully develop their God-given talent or interest – whether it is academic, athletic or artistic.


Students have the opportunity to learn several different art forms – drawing, painting and three-dimensional at all levels of their education. Students are encouraged to pursue additional instruction by taking corresponding classes as an elective in middle and high school. Students display their work at school throughout the year and during the TAPPS ;and ACSI art competitions.


Bach gave us God's word, Mozart gave us God's laughter and Beethoven gave us God's fire. God gave us music that we might pray without words. (Unknown author)

Music is a required class throughout elementary. Middle school and high school students may electively participate in choir to further develop their love of singing. Our chorus students perform at the annual Christmas concert, chapel services, community performances and TAPPS competitions.

Band is offered to Christian Academy students beginning in the sixth grade. Beginner band is a time when students choose an instrument and learn to read music. Middle school band students advance in their development as musicians and start competing at the local and district levels in concert, solo and ensemble TAPPS competitions. High school band offers students the opportunity to participate in the Fighting Wildcat Band that performs at pep rallies, football games and the local Comal County Fair Parade. Band students also have the opportunity to perform at the New Braunfels' Wasilfest, chapel services and TAPPS competition.


Sing to him, sing praise to him, tell of his wonderful acts (1 Chronicles 16:9)

Our drama program revolves around the spring production – either a play or a musical, which provides a seamless transition for students throughout the Christian Academy to audition and perform. Most of our productions have included as many as 60 students from kindergarten through 12th grade. In the high school drama department students are provided the opportunity to compete in the TAPPS One Act Play.

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