At New Braunfels Christian Academy, we believe that the arts are an essential element of a well-rounded education and regard creativity as a core value. We appreciate and provide a powerfully creative fine arts program, giving students an avenue of creative expression and involvement. Our goal is to give each student the opportunity to fully develop their God-given talent or interest - whether through academics, athletics or the arts.


This course is designed to give the student an enriching and diverse instrumental music education. Many different styles of music will be covered within concert band literature. The daily objective of the course is to foster and promote musical growth through the playing of an instrument by the student. As a member of the band program, group effort and cooperation is necessary to a successful program. Students will have the opportunity to perform at creative arts concerts, solo competitions, and various school functions throughout the school year. Band is a skilled effort in which each student is expected to show technical and musical growth throughout this course.

Choir provides opportunity for students to use their musical abilities in support of other groups, in service to the community, and as an outlet for worship. Choir students will grow into well-rounded performers. Sight-reading and proper vocal production are enforced and emphasized to improve their level of musicianship. Students will perform a variety of level music from several genres and styles, including choral, worship, and pop music.

Performing Arts
This class will work on voice, learning lines, musical theatre, blocking, staging, and all things drama. This will give several performances from improv to musicals and other significant theatrical works.

The yearbook course includes all aspects of publishing the NBCA yearbook. Students learn basic principles of yearbook production and develop skills that include writing copy, captions and headlines; digital photography; desktop publishing and using appropriate technology tools for media production. Students will be responsible for meeting deadlines, creating ‘spreads’ and gathering information.

Art I
This class covers a variety of two- and three-dimensional techniques and mediums. The elements & principles of art and some art history are part of what is covered. It is a good introductory class for students who have a limited background in Art and want simply to receive a Fine Art credit.

Painting I
This class covers a number of two-dimensional mediums and techniques; tempera, acrylics, watercolor, mixed media and others. It will approach painting in both traditional and contemporary techniques and tools.

Painting II
This class will run concurrently with Painting One. It is for the student who has a more serious interest in painting. Much of the same media from Painting One will be used, yet it will be more challenging than Painting One. The class will encourage experimentation and exploration and will allow the student some flexibility in determining directions their projects take.

Photography I
This class covers basic digital camera usage and techniques through a series of projects and activities. Students will learn how to use Photoshop Elements for their Processing and storage of files. Although no personal camera is required for class, one of the objectives behind the class is for the student to be able to understand how to use their own camera. This class has outside of class assignments.

Photography II
This class goes beyond Photography One by covering how to create art with your photographs. Both manual and computer methods (Photoshop Elements) will be covered as well as pinhole photography, Polaroids, cyanotypes and others. This class is one year long. Students must have had Photography One as a prerequisite.

This class covers three-dimensional works in a variety of mediums such as paper, plaster, metal, cardboard, clay, found objects and mixed media in both traditional and contemporary styles.