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The Classical School at New Braunfels Christian Academy partners with Christian parents in the discipleship and education of their children for the Glory of God and the good of our community.  We offer a Classical curriculum steeped in a Biblical worldview to inspire students to become people who love learning, serve others, and follow Jesus.



Just as is true of the traditional program at New Braunfels Christian Academy, at The Classical School, Jesus Christ provides the purpose, focus, and foundation for all we do.  He is before all things, and, in Him, all things hold together.” (Col 1:17) Our chief aim as a school community is to effectively disciple our students to love Christ with all of their hearts, souls, and minds.  That goal forms the basis for our partnership with families and permeates our administration, teaching methods, and curriculum.  At The Classical School, students are not simply given a Bible class to add to their schedule, instead we integrate the reality of God’s rule and the truth of His Word into every aspect of their education.  We believe knowledge of these truths will safeguard our students against deception and prepare them to rightly view God, themselves and their purpose in the world.


Recognizing the vital role parents play in the educational, emotional, social, and spiritual development of their children, our school operates as a collaborative model.  This means students will be on campus two to three days per week and will school at home on the other days.  The Classical School is not a part-time school. Our students are engaged in a full-time, rigorous education that occurs on two campuses – our classrooms and their homes.  We equip our parents for quality instruction during school-at-home days by establishing the curriculum, providing the assignments, setting the pace, and holding the students accountable. In the end, children receive instruction through the partnership of a professional educator and one-on-one reinforcement at home. 


The Classical School views education primarily as a process of formation, rather than merely the transmission of information.  We desire our students not only be trained as excellent learners and thinkers, but that they also develop wisdom and virtue.  While an education at The Classical School will be demanding, our emphasis is on the quality of instruction not the quantity of material covered.  Occasionally referred to as a liberal arts approach, classical education routinely draws upon great works of literature, art, and music to enable our students to discern and grow in their love of what is true, good, and beautiful in this world.  Our curriculum is organized around children’s natural development.  At younger ages, we focus on memorization and acquiring basic facts in the core subjects of language arts, math and science.  The study of Latin is introduced in third grade.  In the middle school years, students begin to apply the knowledge they have learned and to reason critically.  Students take formal logic classes during this time frame.  Finally, our future high school students will be taught to articulate their ideas persuasively – both orally and in written form.  Having mastered the art of learning, they graduate The Classical School prepared for whatever God calls them to do.