Where will The Classical School at NBCA be meeting? 

The Classical School instruction will be at St. Paul Lutheran Church, located at 777 W San Antonio St, New Braunfels, TX 78130.

When is the application available/due? What is the process?

Please see our Admissions page for more information.

What is tuition for The Classical School at NBCA?

Visit our Admissions page for current tuition information.

What is the instruction schedule?

The current schedule will be Tuesday/Thursday. 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. with an optional day of electives on Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Do students have to enroll in the full schedule of classes at The Classical School?

Our program consists of four days each week of rigorous classroom education in our core curriculum.  Two days each week of that education will take place in a classroom on our campus with a certified teacher.  That teacher will provide a lesson plan for the remaining two days to be administered at home by the home educator.  The at-home instruction, two days per week, is not optional; it is an integral part of your child’s education, and all the instruction days are necessary to complete their grade level and ultimately to receive a diploma and transcript from The Classical School at New Braunfels Christian Academy.  We do not offer core classes a la carte. However, it is our hope to offer an optional 3rd day on campus of electives in which students in our program may choose to participate on a class-by-class basis.

Can we still apply if we are not a Christian or do not attend a local church?

As a discipleship-model Christian school and because of the nature of the collaborative model, we require both parents to profess to be Christ-followers and agree to our Statement of Faith.  We also require a Church Reference for all applicants. If a family wishes to apply but does not have a home church, we ask that they attend church, get involved, and then apply for admission.

What grades are currently offered? 

The Classical School at NBCA will open with classes available in kindergarten through sixth grade beginning Fall 2022.  We plan to add at least one additional grade each subsequent year until we are a K-12 school. Students must be five years old by August 31st to enter kindergarten.

What is the typical class size?

Each class of students is different, but like New Braunfels Christian Academy’s traditional program, we aim for a student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1. As such, we anticipate that some grade levels may have a waitlist.

How can students transition successfully into a model like The Classical School at NBCA?

We anticipate that the majority of students entering The Classical School for the 2022-2023 school year will have limited to no experience in the classical education model.  As such, we will be offering a broad range of support for our families and students during their transition period.  As many who have gone before us can attest, students are resilient and pliable and will adjust easily as the foundation of classical education is designed to meet students in their developmental stage strengths. Additionally, our teachers will be receiving quality instruction and training from schools with years of experience implementing this growing and exciting educational model, so they will be well prepared to implement classical methods in their classroom and to assist home teachers in doing the same.  As for the study of Latin, students will not be expected to have any previous knowledge regardless of grade level (see below).  

What are the academic expectations of students?

The Classical School provides a rigorous education.  By this, we mean that we uphold high expectations of our students with support for success.  Our goal is formation of the student, not merely giving information.  Students can be expected to be challenged and grow to believe they can do (and will do!) hard things.  Classroom work should fall within the expected hours, and a well-rounded student will have life outside of the classroom.  We encourage participation in sports and the arts.  Family time is precious and because of our collaborative model, our families should get a great deal of quality time learning and growing together!  Our focus is quality over quantity.

Without teaching experience, how can I help my child be successful with this educational model?

You’ve been teaching all along!  You are your child’s first teacher, and we will equip you to be successful within this model.  We will provide mandatory parent training before school begins.  This training will include setting up an effective classroom-at-home environment, curriculum instruction and other helpful resources to support you as the home educator.  We hire enthusiastic, knowledgeable, Christ-following classroom teachers, and parents will have access to these teachers on school-at-home days through office hours and email.  In addition, each classroom will have a group thread where the parents of those students can communicate and connect with one another.

What will be required of parents/home teachers?

Home teachers play an active role on school-at-home days.  As students age, less involvement will be required from parents as students learn the necessary study skills to work more and more independently.  The Classical School will provide guides for curriculum support, and classroom teachers will provide weekly lesson plans to follow.  Home teachers will participate in a mandatory training before school begins in the fall and will receive on-going support throughout the year.   Parents can expect to enjoy conversations with their students about what they’re learning in history, the Bible lesson they worked on together, the current book they’re reading together, the science demonstration they did at school which reminded them of the spelling word they practiced earlier which somehow reminded them that their parents didn’t get them the snack they wanted from HEB yesterday. (Some things never change!)  As parents partner with classroom teachers, parents model life-long learning and gain knowledge along with their students.  There is so much to discover as we look back on concepts we never fully grasped (or maybe don’t remember)!

What is the time commitment on school-at-home days?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.  A good rule of thumb is to expect about two hours of work in kindergarten and for each numerical grade to add about one more hour of work through fifth grade.  (1st grade = 2-3 hours of work on school-at-home days, 2nd grade = 3-4 hours, 3rd grade = 4-5 hours, 4th grade = 5-6 hours, 5th grade & above = about 6 hours). As students get older, they become more and more independent, requiring less direct instruction at home. During your first year with this model, expect a transition.  If your school-at-home days fall well above or below these hours, please reach out to your classroom teacher for support.

How do I do this with multiple kids?

Just like the commercials, you can do this; we can help! Classroom teachers will provide the primary instruction, so that students will have received the initial teaching they need to complete their assignments at home.  The lesson plans will provide specific instruction as to what is to be accomplished on the stay-at-home days.  Answer keys will be provided, when necessary, as parents help their students make corrections.  As students age, they become more and more independent, requiring less direct support at home.   This allows the home educator to work with younger students who might need more assistance reading or to tend to younger siblings needing a snack (or snuggle).  We will have trainings and wise counsel available to assist the home educators as they facilitate the learning at home environment, even when little ones not enrolled in school are milling about. 

What subject areas can I expect to be covered?

A Christian, classical education provides well-rounded students prepared for whatever the future may hold. During Grammar School (K-6) at The Classical School, you can expect your child to receive a Biblical worldview through teaching in mathematics, history, science, literature, grammar, spelling, and writing. K-1 will have teaching in phonics and manuscript penmanship. 2nd grade will learn to write in cursive, while 3rd and up will begin to learn Latin.

What curriculum will be used in The Classical School at NBCA?

Please see our Curriculum page for specific grade level details. We see curriculum primarily as a tool to be used by teachers to achieve the goals of a quality education that prepares our students to know God and to know who they are in Him.  More than the curriculum itself, our educators will ensure that the classroom instruction meets the goals we have set out in the values, mission and vision of The Classical School.  Additionally, many generous schools and educators, who have been doing this particular model of education for decades, have been helping inform our curriculum decision-making process.  We are certain that whatever the curriculum, it will meet the needs of all of our students and challenge them appropriately. 

Why Latin?

Studies at The Classical School will include Latin because no other language equals Latin in helping a student develop a rich English vocabulary.  The study of Latin is an introduction to etymology—how words are formed and how original meanings are extended.  Knowing the original Latin meanings of English derivatives allows students to use words effectively, and thus to elevate their daily speech and writing.  One of the chief aims of a classical education is to prepare students to know truth and to be able to effectively articulate and defend the same in spoken and written word.  Latin study advances this effort.  On a practical note, those who study Latin (in comparison to other languages) consistently receive higher scores on the SAT in reading, writing, and in overall score.

For more on this topic, please see this article: Ten Reasons for Studying Latin (https://www.memoriapress.com/articles/top-10-reasons-studying-latin/)

Is lunch offered during on-campus days?

At this point, we do not plan to offer a hot lunch option and would ask students to pack a healthy lunch and water.

Will students be required to wear uniforms?

Yes-we will be wearing the Wildcat uniform with pride! There will be more uniform information coming soon.

What extracurricular activities will be available to The Classical School students and when?

Students in The Classical School will be able to participate in the various extracurricular activities offered to traditional students at NBCA.  For 6th grade students, the following sports will be available: football, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, baseball, softball, track and field, golf and tennis.  Students who participate in athletics will need to participate in all scheduled practices and games, just like the traditional students, and will be expected to attend early morning or after-school practices.  If needed, The Classical School will adjust the instructional day of the 6th graders to accommodate their participation in athletics.

It is also our aim to offer the full breadth of fine art offerings to students in The Classical School as well.  The specific offerings for the 2022-2023 school year are still being determined, but we are committed to offering a full range of fine art opportunities to enrich the experience of The Classical School students.

Do you make accommodations for learning differences?

Just like students in the traditional program, The Classical School students will have access to the Einstein Center, a program that accommodates students with processing issues, as well as specifically identifiable learning challenges such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. The Einstein Center services are available to all NBCA families for an additional fee.  

Where can I learn more about classical education?

A great starting place is An Introduction to Classical Education by Christopher Perrin. “The Lost Tools of Learning” by Dorothy L. Sayers is credited for the renewed interest in classical education and might be a helpful place to begin.  For a longer read, but comprehendible by those newer to the subject: The Well-trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer.  And for those really wanting to dive deep into the topic, we appreciated Charles T. Evans and Robert Littlejohn’s take on classical education called Wisdom and Eloquence: A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning.  There are also several good podcasts available about classical education.  Keep checking back for specific podcast recommendations.

 How can I apply to teach at The Classical School at New Braunfels Christian Academy?

We are currently accepting applications for teaching positions at The Classical School.  Applications will open on Thursday, February 10th. A link for that application will be placed (here).