The New Braunfels Christian Academy performing arts program is designed to build an appreciation for music and dramatic performance, as well as build confidence in young people. Our drama program revolves around the spring production – either a play or a musical, which provides a seamless transition for students throughout the Christian Academy to audition and perform. Most of our productions have included as many as 60 students from kindergarten through 12th grade. In the high school drama department students are given the opportunity to compete in the TAPPS One Act Play. 


The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde Two young gents have taken to bending the truth in order to put some excitement into their lives. Worthing has invented a brother, Earnest, whom he uses as an excuse to leave his dull life behind to visit Gwendolyn. Montcrieff decides to take the name Earnest when visiting Worthing's young and beautiful ward, Cecily. Things start to go awry when they end up together in the country and their deceptions are discovered!

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