Music students out-perform non-music students on achievement tests in reading and math. Skills such as reading, anticipating, memory, listening, forecasting, recall and concentration are developed in musical performance, and these skills are valuable to students in math, reading and science.” (B. Friednam in An Evaluation of the Achievement in Reading and Arithmetic of Pupils in Elementary School Instrumental Music Classes)

The New Braunfels Christian Academy administration and faculty agree that musical aptitude enhances academic acuity. Our chorus program offers an early and continued appreciation of music in praise of God and for the enrichment of the whole student. As funding for the arts in public schools continues to decline, the Christian Academy encourages music as part of our core and elective curriculum through high school.


In elementary music class, students in kindergarten through fifth grade explore all aspects of music - composers, instruments, music genres/styles and rhythm. The Christian Academy has been blessed with hands-on instruments such as Orff xylophones, metallophones, Boomwhackers, percussion instruments, recorders and hand bells. Songs and rhythm patterns for these instruments are taught progressively.

A variety of music genres are presented, and students sing and dance to folk, reggae, jazz, march, western, Big Band, 50’s and world styles. We sing freely about our faith. Sometimes, we praise the Lord by singing praise songs and hymns, and other times children learn sign language, dance or instrumentation. Performance opportunities include Christmas and spring concerts, chapel services and the annual school musical.


Middle school choir students learn vocal basics such as sight reading, Solfege and proper vocal warm-ups. Singers progress through middle school continually learning more complex vocal concepts and singing a variety of songs in different styles and languages. In addition to singing, students gain an appreciation for all kinds of music from musicals and movie soundtracks to hymns, while learning about vocal genres, basic music theory and even composing.

Middle school choir is for anyone who loves to sing and wants to learn more about music. It is not a prerequisite that students know how to read music proficiently. Additionally, students have the opportunity to perform in the school’s Christmas, spring, Veterans Day and Grandparents Day concerts, chapel services, in the community and at the Music across Texas Festival.


The most important aspect of the NBCA high school choir is being able to “sing and make music in your heart” [Ephesians 5:19] together. High school choir takes vocal students to the next level in chorus. Here students are composing, choreographing, engaging in rhythm games, as well as conducting more advanced music interpretation and hymn, vocal genre and music theory study. In preparation for competitions and sophisticated music study at the collegiate level, choral students utilize Solfege into vocal warm-ups and sight reading.

In the spring, singers participate in both solos and ensembles through TAPPS vocal contests.

The Christian Academy views our two award-winning concert choirs as ambassadors of our school who continue to thrill audiences with their vocal skills and musicianship. They have the opportunity to perform in the school’s Christmas, spring, Veterans Day and Grandparents Day concerts and chapel services, and are regularly invited to represent our school as they perform their vocal mastery in the community and beyond at the Music across Texas Festival.

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