Pre-Advanced Placement

NBCA offers Pre-AP classes in English, math, social studies, and science for freshman and sophomores to prepare them for the rigors of the Advanced Placement classes. In Pre-AP classes, students are expected to learn, remember, and apply the information they study, as well as to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate. The skills students gain in Pre-AP English classes lay the foundation required for success in upper-level classes and later in college.

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) program offers college-level and college-preparatory studies to motivated college-bound students who are in high school. An AP course will help students gain the skills they need to succeed in college. In addition to mastering content and improving their reading and writing skills, AP students learn to think on an analytical level, solve problems, and develop study skills essential to success in college.

AP credit is awarded for college work in 90% of the four year colleges in the United States, as well as in 60 countries around the world. Statistics show that, whether or not students qualify for AP credit at the end of their high school year, they will be much more likely to succeed in the comparable college course on campus. AP students who do receive college credit while still in high school are more likely to finish college early and go on to graduate school.

AP Exam Scoring Guide

5- very well qualified in the subject (6-12 hours of college credit)
4- well qualified in the subject (3-6 hours of college credit)
3- qualified in the subject (3 hours of college credit)
2- possibly qualified, but no recommendation (no college credit)
1- no recommendation (no college credit)

For more information about Advanced Placement see http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/about.html

NBCA currently offers five AP courses:

  • AP English Literature and Composition
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP U.S. Government and Politics
  • AP U.S. History
  • AP World History
  • AP Macro Economics

**To find the AP credit policy for your intended college, go to http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/apcreditpolicy/index.jsp or contact the college directly.

Independent Study for Other AP Exams

In addition to the AP course offerings, NBCA students may study for exams in other AP subjects. A student need not be enrolled in an AP class to take exams in May. Parents and students may contact an AP teacher or go to apcentral.collegeboard.com for the complete list of exams, study guides, and dates administered.