The New Braunfels Christian Academy high school program endeavors to educate today’s youth for tomorrow’s world, giving them the confidence and leadership skills necessary to take charge of their futures. We acknowledge that each student is uniquely made by our Creator, so we provide the environment for students to discover and reflect upon their God-given gifts and talents intellectually and spiritually as they achieve individual excellence and grow in Christian discipleship.


Students benefit from a traditional and challenging academic setting organized in an seven period day with classes meeting for fifty minutes. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in English, government, US history, and world history. Dual Credit courses, offered in conjunction with Colorado Christian University, include English composition, British literature, speech, college algebra, government, and US history. Bible study is a vital part of the curriculum, and a biblical viewpoint is regarded in all avenues of study.

Students may choose from a variety of elective course offerings, including fine arts (choir, band, drama, and visual arts) as well as journalism, business, speech, exercise science, and athletics. In coordination with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Christian Academy offers outdoor education courses. Students attend chapel weekly.

Four-Year Plans: Graduation Requirements

NBCA offers two programs of study for high school students. The Required Program includes the minimum number of credits students must earn in order to graduate from NBCA and corresponds to the Texas Recommended High School Program. The Distinguished Scholars Program requires additional courses and advanced measures for students pursuing a more rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum. In recognition of their exceptional effort, students who complete the Distinguished Scholars Program will receive specially-noted diplomas at graduation. The specific requirements for each program are outlined in the following chart or here.

Subject Area Required Program Distinguished Scholars Program
Bible 4.0 4.0
English 4.0 4.0
Math 4.0 5.0
Science 4.0 4.0
History 3.0 3.0
Government 0.5 0.5
Economics 0.5 0.5
Foreign Language 2.0 3.0
P.E. 1.0 1.0
Computer Apps 0.5 0.5
Fine Arts 1.0 1.0
Speech 0.5 0.5
Elective 1.0 2.0
Total 26.0 29.0
(at least 5 advanced)

Regarding the Distinguished Scholars Program:

  • Valedictorian and Salutatorian will only be selected from among the Distinguished Scholars. While other students may rank high in their graduating class after completing only the required program, they will not be eligible for Valedictorian or Salutatorian recognition.
  • The Distinguished Scholars program requires completion of Pre-Calculus and either Calculus or Dual Credit College Algebra.
  • At least 5 of the 29 credits must be earned in “advanced courses”, which includes all courses designated as AP or Dual Credit.
  • The NBCA Distinguished Scholars Program does not correspond to the Distinguished Achievement Diploma for Texas public schools.
  • Office aid or extra PE/Athletic classes do not count toward extra electives.
National Honor Society

To learn about NBCA's Chapter of the National Honor Society, please visit our National Honor Society page.

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